Color Copy® - the perfect paper for digital colour printing

Color Copy Original is the leading digital colour printing paper, offering unbeatable quality from A4 through to the whole range of digital printing formats. Color Copy Original ensures razor-sharp printing and vibrant colour rendering for striking results and does a great job. Every time...

Now ColorLok® certified, it also provides a premium inkjet print quality with vivid colours, bolder blacks, faster drying time, and overall superior printing results on all printing devices.

Color Copy Original provides:
  • Premium quality for digital colour printing.
  • Reliable results from the first to last printout.
  • Versatile function. The perfect paper, available up to 400 g/m2.
  • Sustainable choice. CO2 neutral and FSCTM certified. Good for you and the planet.
  • Excellent colour reproduction on laser printer.
  • Brighter colours and bolder black on inkjet printer.